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Peaceful Hills
...a place where you can find rest, peace, music & beauty 
Before the Renaissance Center became a college, Jennifer taught lessons there.  This is a short clip of one of her students.  This song was his own composition, to watch click here.
Siblings? Don't worry, the younger ones pick it up naturally.  Here is a clip of a younger sister already composing her own song!  Click here.
When a student reaches 100 lessons, Jennifer treats her students to fun a musical event.  She usually takes them to the  Schermerhorn Symphony Center to hear the Nashville Symphony, or to a concert at the well known Ryman Auditorium.

You can check out Piano Pronto by 
clicking on this link:

Musical apps for your 
Smart Phone!

*Theory Lessons  (great intro into music)

*Master in a Minute  (excellent for site reading)

*Read Rhythm  (reading notes)

*Music Journal  (keeps track of your practice)

*Piano Maestro (It's a GAME and its FREE!!)
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